Finding the Drug Balance

First full day home from the hospital and she is doing well.  I am surprised how well she is doing mentally.  I figured that she would be down in the dumps on how flat she is.  But surprisingly she only mentioned it a couple of times.  She keeps trying to look down the bra/bandage they put on her.  One would think that emptying the chest drains would be the worst part, but it isn’t, the worst is trying to balance out the pain killers.  The have this need device installed in her chest that automatically pumps pain killers into the wound area.  That has to help quite a bit, but the oral drugs are hard to balance out, they just don’t last as long as they are supposed to.  The doctor doesn’t want her in pain so I end up giving her the pain killers a little early.  Thank goodness she only takes the narcotics at night when she sleeps or I would be worried about it.  Her kids have been pretty good and have helped quite a bit.   People have been great bring food over and setting up calendars so only one person brings food each day.  Actually, I’m a good cook and am a little disappointed that I haven’t had to cook but there sure are others things that I can do.  I do appreciate the help!

Great day for November, almost 60-degrees.  Raked leafs, did some outside work.  Didn’t dare leave to go play golf, it probably would have been ok but I would not of felt good doing it.

So far so good.  I hope we can keep her spirits up…


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